Redevelopment Commission approves tech related invoices for the new police station

LAWRENCE CO. – Approval of Staublin Technology’s installation and materials involved with the card-reading system was approved at last night’s Redevelopment Commission meeting. The cost amounted to $8,956.

Chief Terry Moore explained that the system “allows us to have remote access as well as keypad entrance” for the new Police Station on 16th Street.

The payment of an invoice to the radio tower on the west side of the Police Department building was approved in the amount of $20,000.

Bedford Police Department chief Terry Moore

Payment For Hoosier PC Invoices for the New Police Station, again presented by Chief Terry Moore, were approved in the following amounts:

  • Invoice 5684 – Parts – APC 1500 Smart UPS Intera; Grandstream 4-Post; DigiBox; Firewall; Rack Shelf-Siren Encod; – Labor-E(11 ALI Setup For GIS/Spillman; Comcast Fiber Edge Router Install/Setup – $5,354.98
  • Invoice 5685 – Labor – IDACs Call/VPN Setup/Jim Email; Set Comcast Fiber IP’s/Configure Comcast Settings & Edge; IDACS VPN Issues – $892.50
  • Invoice 5677 – Parts – Bulk CAT-5E Cable; CAT-5E Plug; Labor-911 Ali Digibox; Pulled Wires for ALI/Comcast Phones; Switch Documentation/Firewall Config.; CJIS Training/Certification/ Update Paper Documentation – $461
  • Invoice 5657 – Parts – CyberPower UPS; CAT 5-E Cable; CAT 5-E Plug; PVC Conduit Clamp; Utility Elbow; GALV Hanger Tape; Labor – Dispatch Wire Pulls/Squad Room Switch Installs; AT&T Questions/Labeling Wires; IDACS/Indigital-Phone Cables In Server Room/Labeled Cables;Reconfigured Switches; Remote-Switch And Firewall Configuration/Build Rules – $1,336.94
  • Invoice 5674 – Parts – OptiFlex; OptiFlex Sm Form Factor; Power Cord; Cyber Power UPS; 24 Port Stackable Gigabit; HDMI Adapter ConverMale; NVIDIA 4GB Graphics; Blondewood; Foamcore Pipe; Labor – Network & Dispatch Setup; ECS Remote Access/Tested All Dispatch Monitors 7 Cables/Configure Squad Room Switch; Network Documentation/Diagrams; Build Mobile VPN; – Labeling/Wiring/Dispatch Computer/Comcast; Wireless Troubleshooting Mobile VPN Testing – $6,548.27
  • Invoice 5704 – Parts – Sanded Pine Plywood; Cable; – Labor – Created Network Jack Location; Indigital/Labeling/UPS Setup/Switch Changes; Creating Network Documentation; Install Dispatch UPS/Terminate Cable; IDACS Testing/Pulled Cables For Dispatch E911- $1,238.30
  • Invoice 5730 – Parts – Side Tables; Labor – Backup Fiber; Lines/Power Strips; UPS Meeting; Firewall Rules – $923
  • Invoice 5719 – Parts – Gender Chg Coupler; Data Transfer; Star Tech DB9-DB25; Beige DB9(F) DB-25(M); Metered 16 Outlet Cord; 2 Port PCI Exp Serial P Can – OpitPlex Full Tower $2,087.48

Midwestern Engineers placed a plaque outside of the front door of the new Police Department on Wednesday. The Redevelopment Commission approved the payment of $2,200 at last night’s meeting.

Police Chief Terry Moore anticipates the last bills for the new PD will be in for the RDC meeting in December. The New Station is now occupied, according to Mayor Sam Craig, and the final touches are being placed as the set-up and move-in process is completed.