After more than half a century, 1340 AM WBIW remains in touch with Lawrence and surrounding counties, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Area News Leader

The Voice of the Hoosier Hills, 1340 AM WBIW, is the area news leader. Every weekday we take a look at the news and issues happening right here Lawrence County and throughout Southern and Central Indiana.

1340 AM WBIW also brings you national news on the hour, every hour, from our partners at Fox News Radio Network. State news is provided by our partners at Network Indiana.

And finally, 1340 AM WBIW partners with The Weather Channel to bring you the latest, up to date, weather forecast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And when severe weather strikes, our coverage is second to none.

Bedford’s Place To Talk

1340 AM WBIW features the most popular talk shows every weekday including…

The Morning Update
Start your mornings with news, weather sports and more; featuring the biggest names in the radio industry.

Talk of the Town
Join us for conversations about the news people are talking about.

The Dave Ramsey Show
Dave offers life-changing financial advice

The Rush Limbaugh Show
Rush heads the nation’s leading talk show

Dr. Joy Browne
Dr. Joy Browne is America’s leading radio psychologist

The Jason Lewis Show
Jason takes on the day’s hottest topics, politics, sports and pop culture

The Jim Bohannon Show
Jim interviews topical guests and discusses current events during the late night hours

Coast to Coast AM
Coast to Coast AM is the right kind of talk for late at night.

All this and so much more.

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South Central Indiana’s Sports Leader

1340 AM WBIW is South Central Indiana’s sports leader! Myron Rainey brings over three decades of play-by-play experience to Bedford North Lawrence Stars football and girls’ and boys’ basketball all season long.

1340 AM WBIW is also the home of Purdue University Football and Basketball, Indiana Pacers Basketball, Indianapolis Colts Football, The Indianapolis 500, The Brickyard 400, College Football, College Basketball, NFL Football and so much more!

Bob Lovall’s Indiana’s Sports Talk fills the airwaves Friday and Saturday nights each and every school year.

And finally, FOX Sports Radio covers professional and college sports from all perspectives.