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Would you like to listen to 1340 AM WBIW programs LIVE using your personal computer? Now you can!

You can tune using your personal computer to 1340 AM WBIW using our Listen Live service!

Direct Audio Link

Here is the direct link to our stream in case you’d like to listen with a media player already installed on your computer.

Stream link:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is Listen Live available?

A. Listen Live is available to our listeners 24/7. This includes programs like Talk of the Town, Dave Ramsey, Rush Limbaugh and Bedford North Lawrence (BNL) Stars Sports (which includes Football and Boys and Girls Basketball).

For more information on shows featured on 1340 AM WBIW, click here.

Q. How does Listen Live work?

A. When listen live is available, this page will reveal an audio player with play, pause, and volume controls.

Depending on your computer setup, you will need to wait a moment as the audio stream buffers.

If this page does not display an audio player, please try loading the stream via this link.

Q. It says Listen Live is available but I don’t hear any audio.

A. If you don’t hear any audio, try refreshing the media player page (click “refresh” on your browser’s toolbar). If that doesn’t work, please try loading the stream via this link.

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*Remember to disable popups in your browser during this session.