City of Bedford begins livestream of local government meetings

LAWRENCE CO. – The City of Bedford held its first Facebook Live streaming of city meetings in accordance with a mandate that will go into effect in two years, in 2025. 

Mayor Sam Craig explained that it made sense to begin streaming meetings before the mandate takes effect.

The new set up, with Redevelopment Commission members before the first meeting last night.

This will allow the people of Lawrence County and Bedford to know what is going on in their local government, and facilitate better accessibility for those who may not be able to attend all the meetings in person.

Mayor Sam Craig

Livestreaming the meetings via Facebook Live on the City of Bedford’s Facebook page was made possible by Mayor Sam Craig and his administration. Before he took office, the City of Bedford had no social media. Now, as of April 2021, because of its presence on Facebook, the city has become more accessible to the public, and knowledge of local events and happenings has been better dispersed.

Denise Henderson and Ashlynne Bender with the City of Bedford worked the tech station and Livestream during the meetings.

This live-streaming is the next step in advancing the modernity and accessibility of the City. Starting the live streams now will not only keep a record of the meetings for later reference but also make it possible for the City to work out any kinks with the technical side of the process before the 2025 mandate.