Oolitic Marshal provides monthly report during town council meeting

OOLITIC – Oolitic Town Marshal James Harrington gave the Oolitic Town Council his monthly report for June 27th until July 25th.

The department will purchase a new Dodge Durango. People’s State Bank through Indiana Bond Bank will be handling the financing. Attorney presented the final paperwork to councilmembers to sign to close the deal.

Marshal James Harrington reported there were a total of 144 events police responded to.

Incident reports by type:

  • Abandoned vehicle – 1
  • Animal complaint – 1
  • Arrest Warrants – 3
  • Agencies assisting Oolitic Marshal Office – 13
  • Assists to other agencies – 12
  • Battery – 2
  • Child Abuse Investigation – 1
  • Citizen Assist – 1
  • Criminal Cases submitted to Prosecutor’s Office – 3
  • Criminal Mischief – 1
  • Disorderly conduct – 1
  • Drug Investigations – 14
  • Drug Overdose – 1
  • Erratic Driver – 1
  • Invasion of Privacy – 1
  • Mental Health Subject – 1
  • Motorists assists – 1
  • Neglect of Dependent – 1
  • Operating Vehicle While Intoxicated Investigation – 1
  • Resisting law enforcement – 1
  • Refusal to aid officer – 1
  • Search Warrants – 6
  • Traffic stops -36
  • Traffic hazard – 1
  • Transport – 1
  • Unwanted persons -2
  • Verbal warnings issued – 36

Marshal Harrington presented a quote for a storage box and push bumper to be added to the Dodge Durango. The storage box which will be used to store equipment and push bumper quote was for $3,010.

He also presented a quote for new firearms from Ray O’Herron. The quote included the price of a rifle, a shotgun and a handgun for each car. The quote was for $10,513.91.

President Tangie Jenkins made a motion to spend up to $14,000 for the Durango’s storage box, Durango’s push bumper, rifles, shotguns, and handgun quotes. The council approved the motion.

Marshal Harrington is working on a grant that would 100 percent fund two additional vehicles for the department.

Councilman John Dillon asked for an update on the school’s resource officer. Marshal Harrington said the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department has hired an officer to fill the position. The officer will be on site and the sheriff’s department will also provide extra school patrols when available. The Oolitic Town Marshal’s Office will also provide additional support as needed.

James stated the radio for the Dodge Durango will not be in until February, until then they
will be using portable radios.

Annette provided an update of the Marshal’s Office phone system as it had been having issues.
Annette stated the new phone should arrive this week and service has been switched from ATT to
Verizon but will remain on the same number. The phone should be active by the first week of
September 2022.

Zac provided an update on the Street Department’s work. Zac stated two of the new hydrants are
installed and there are three that will still need replacement.

Zac stated the town’s mower has been fixed and the sides of Hoosier Avenue have been cleaned
off. Additional work will continue on Hoosier Avenue in September regarding the storm drains in the
area. A further brief discussion continued on the work.

Zac provided further information about work completed regarding leak repairs, relocating a
meter, hydrant flushing that occurred this month, water loss reporting, and a sewer stop.