Avoca-Marshall Township Recreation Park introduces four new trees during Arbor Day Celebration

AVOCA – Members of the Avoca-Marshall Township Recreation Park Board gathered together Thursday, May 5 in celebration of Arbor Day to plant four Metta Sequoia trees.

From left: Suzi Evans, Ed Franklin, Chris Noel, Sam Bond, and Author Carroll Ritter

Marshall Township Trustee Suzi Evans and park board members Ed Franklin, Sam Bond, and Chris Noel, along with a special guest, Author Carroll Ritter, presented the trees to a few community members who braved the elements.

A close cousin to the towering redwood trees in Northern California, these trees will grow to be nearly 100 feet tall, a few 200 feet shorter than the ones found on the west coast.

Chris Noel addressing those in attendance

Chris Noel has worked hard at improving the park and wanted to have a way to always be remembered, other than signing documents.

“The topic of legacy came about and I got to thinking about how I can leave a lasting image, other than hours of meetings and my name on hundreds of papers.’ said Noel. “And that got the ball rolling on this idea. I thought about something unique that can be a warm greeting to our park for generations to come.”