State parks reminds public libraries to discontinue sharing passes

INDIANA – As a part of Indiana State Parks’ Centennial Celebration in 2016-17, libraries were provided with two annual passes to place in circulation to encourage library users to check out and use to visit state parks.

Offering the passes to libraries and including the ability to purchase additional passes to add into circulation was a one-time modification of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources policy that states that the annual passes are nontransferable from the purchaser to others. After the program was discontinued at the end of 2017, Indiana DNR learned that some libraries were – and still are – purchasing passes and putting them in circulation. The Indiana State Parks Division requests that libraries discontinue this practice since it is in violation of the agency’s policy.

Outside of sharing annual passes for circulation, there are ways that Indiana State Parks can work with local libraries. Interpretive naturalists are available to present programs periodically for either the general public or for summer reading programs at libraries near state parks. A list of state parks can be found here, and those interested can contact the property closest to them to talk directly about possible scheduling.

Furthermore, up to five one-day passes can be provided as giveaways for summer reading programs or other special events. A buy-one, get-one program for annual passes is also available to nonprofit organizations. These can be used as giveaways or in fundraising programs. The organization buys one annual pass to use as a giveaway, or in a fundraising program, and provides Indiana State Parks with a receipt and a copy of the organization’s IRS nonprofit determination letter. Indiana State Parks will donate a second pass to be provided at the event. For more information about one-day giveaway passes and annual nonprofit passes, contact Julie Planck.

Additionally, Indiana State Parks has worked with local libraries to create reading trails that are available for a short period of time on a nearby property and has worked with libraries to purchase one-day passes that are a part of a backpack of materials that families can check out and take to a state park to use for a day or weekend.

Contact Ginger Murphy, deputy director for stewardship at the Indiana DNR Division of State Parks, with any questions.