It’s summer, it’s hot, jump in the water!

INDIANA – Whether enjoying a neighborhood pool, the lake at a favorite vacation spot, or the beach, it’s important to remember water safety. The Centers for Disease Control list their top ten tips for a safe summer in the water, beginning with “learn to swim.

Diseases can lurk in a backyard pool, a hot tub, or an inflatable kiddie pool, so it’s important to find out how to keep the water healthy.

For those who like to hike, the U.S. Forest Service has tips on how to avoid hazards near streams, rivers, and lakes and to safely enjoy and explore nature. 

The National Park Service especially wants people to enjoy their national parks and seashores. They offer advice like “Swimming in the ocean is not the same as swimming in a pool or lake. Wind, waves, the change of the tide, the slope of the beach, and other factors can cause strong currents to be present in the water even on the calmest days.”

Water activities are a great way to stay cool. Learn some simple facts about the weather, swimming and boating safety, and water quality and have a great summer.