Indiana State Police SWAT Team Competes in the 15th Annual Connecticut SWAT Challenge

(WEST HARTFORD, CT)- A cadre of Indiana State Police Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Troopers recently returned from West Hartford, Connecticut where they participated in the 15th annual three day Connecticut SWAT Challenge (CSC), held August 13-15. This was the fourth time ISP SWAT has represented Indiana in this particular competition, and overall one of their strongest performances yet, taking a fifth-place overall finish out of 31 teams competing.

Designed and hosted by the West Hartford Police Department since its inception in 2005, the CSC is a grueling three day event, where law enforcement and military SWAT teams from around the nation come together to participate in both team and individual head to head competitive events, tactical training seminars, and other activities designed to enhance the leadership and professional development of our tactical teams nationwide.

As noted on the CSC website (, “The intrinsic value of SWAT Challenges can be measured on a variety of levels. Tactics, movement techniques, equipment trends, professional contacts, inter-agency familiarization, fitness levels, and shooting proficiency are just a few of the areas that can be positively impacted by a SWAT Challenge.”

The competitive events in these challenges are generally designed to replicate real-world tactical situations, such as hostage rescues, tactical medical rescues, or high-risk warrant service scenarios.   Teams apply their knowledge, experience, and physical abilities to accomplish each event’s objectives safely and successfully in the fastest ranked times.

As explained by Sergeant Jim Stanley (ISP North SWAT Team Leader), “These SWAT Challenges can never truly recreate the real-world dangers of physical and emotional stresses that SWAT operators face on the job each and every day. What you can create is a highly competitive fast-paced environment that most SWAT operators thrive well in, where the team success requires each member to perform with 110% effort or better. When bragging rights are on the table, the self-imposed physical and mental stress can often be just as taxing as real-world stressors, because failure is never an option.”  

The Indiana State Police Special Operations Division has three full-time SWAT Teams that provide tactical support for all Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies in their respective geographical areas across Indiana (North, Central, and South). ISP SWAT teams are always readily available and capable of assisting any requesting law enforcement agency with resolving situational emergencies or high-risk situations where a coordinated tactical team effort or tactical assets are necessary.  This year’s ISP CSC Challenge team was comprised of nine SWAT Troopers, handpicked from these teams based on specific strengths and areas of expertise.

2019 ISP CSC Team as pictured left to right (ISP Team assignment) – Trooper Jason Dunnsworth (South), Senior Trooper Brian Dunkin (North), Sergeant Jim Stanley (North), Trooper Nick Yager (South), Trooper Dana Harvey (Central), Senior Trooper Scott Meyer (North), Trooper Justin Superczynski (North), and Master Trooper Mark True (South).

For a full review and comprehensive description of the 2019 CSC and team standings, please visit their website at

Full acknowledgment and appreciation to Laura Fogarty Tactical Photography, for giving the expressed consent and permission for the Indiana State Police to publish her photography documenting the 2019 Connecticut SWAT Challenge events.