Know all your Limestone Heritage Festival Parade rules so everyone can be safe and have fun

BEDFORD—The Limestone Heritage Festival Parade will be held at 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 29. Registering to be in the parade is completely free.

The parade committee’s goal is for all parades to have fun and be responsible so that everyone can stay safe.

New this year, the parade entrants are urged to donate one bag of candy. All candy will be dispersed at the parade kick-off by a Candy Cruiser, which will lead and set the parade pace. The Candy Cruiser will also alleviate safety hazards and risks for the young onlookers and the parade entrants following the parade route. Be sure to have your candy bags ready to go at the parade kick-off; you don’t want to miss out on all that candy!

You certainly can’t tout an Independence Parade without the parade participants decorating according to the theme. If you plan to enter the Limestone Heritage Festival Parade, be sure to follow the guidelines and decorate your entry to the ” Patriotic” theme. You can add all the red, white, and blue, topped off with stars and stripes as you see fit. Make sure that you are a top contender for that Overall All Most Patriotic award!

The parade committee always has a fire inspector on-site to prevent potentially dangerous situations. Be sure to equip your entry with items like healthy wiring and safe generators to ensure the safety of the parade entrants and the excited onlookers of the parade.

Walkers are expected to keep up with the parade’s pace that the new Candy Cruiser will set. If you decide to be a walker, be sure to lace up those sneakers so that you can stay in place and at pace for that safe 40-foot gap between the entries. Keep your eye out for the parade committee members and volunteers wearing bright yellow safety vests and waving lit wands to help you know if you need to speed up or slow down. If you have literature or handouts that you would like to pass out, be sure to register as a walker. Accidents are prone to those trying to hand out items from a moving vehicle or float.

Check out the full parade route so you don’t accidentally leave the route early. You’ll not want to miss seeing the excitement on the faces of those onlookers at the end of the parade route.

The 2024 Limestone Heritage Festival parade route.

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