Three people facing meth and other drug charges after deputies served a search warrant

MITCHELL – Three people were arrested after Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies served a search warrant at 64 Williams Road.

Daniel Evans

Police arrested Daniel Evans, 35, Bedford, on charges of dealing meth less than 28 grams with enhanced circumstances, possession of a narcotic drug with enhanced circumstances, possession of marijuana, and possession of a Schedule I controlled substance with enhanced circumstances.

Savannah Smith

Savannah Smith, 24, Bedford, on charges of possession of meth, possession of a controlled substance with enhanced circumstances, possession of meth less than five grams with enhanced circumstances.

James Edwards

James Edwards, 28, Bedford, on charges of possession of meth less than five grams with enhanced circumstances

On Saturday, May 18 Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Detective Christopher Giggs, Deputies Andrew Tillett, Brenten Trueblood, Kenton Carter, and David Miller went to the address on Williams Road armed with a search warrant.

Officers knocked on the door and announced their presence. A short time later several people exited the home alone with two infants.

Officers Miller and Carter entered the home and found the homeowner, Daniel Evans, in a back bedroom bathroom.

Evans was provided a copy of the search warrant.

Daniel’s girlfriend, Savannah Smith, requested to grab her cigarettes from a drawer in the kitchen. When she opened the drawer police observed a glass smoking device containing meth and a bundle of psychedelic mushrooms next to the cigarettes.

During a search of the house police found”

  • In a dresser drawer, a baggy vacuum sealing machine with numerous bags filled with marijuana.
  • A glass container with trace amounts of marijuana.
  • In a kitchen drawer, a glass smoking device containing burnt marijuana
  • In a back bedroom, police found a DVR camera box connected to a television displaying footage from four angles in front of the home.
  • On top of the bed, a glass smoking device containing a white powdery
  • Inside a dresser drawer, loose crystal meth
  • On a dresser, a scale with crystal meth residue
  • On a dresser, a bag containing marijuana
  • Inside a bag, a multi-colored grinder containing fentanyl
  • Located on a bed, multiple firearms
  • Located in a wall safe, a handgun
  • A container containing a tied bag containing marijuana
  • In a back bathroom, where Evans was located, police found three bags containing meth and water shoved in the corner next to the washer and sink. Police believe Evans dumped the meth down the sink drain and was washing the bags. Deputy Trueblood unhooked the pipes below the drain, and the water was collected. The water tested positive for meth.
  • On James Edwards, police found a smoking device that contained meth.

Police spoke to Savannah Smith, who admitted Evans had a “softball size amount of meth” and when asked what happened to it, Smith said, “he flushed it I’m pretty sure. I don’t know why he wouldn’t of”.

When asked when Evans received the meth she said it was dropped off that morning. When asked if Evans sells dope, she replied he did.

The in-car camera captured audio from Smith talking to herself, “he’s gonna totally know I just f***ing told on his ass”.

The Department of Child Services was alerted and a child was placed with his grandfather.

The following were the approximate weights of illegal substances were seized:

  • Psychedelic mushrooms 14 grams, including packaging
  • Loose white crystal substance from dresser drawer 1 gram including packaging
  • Marijuana 59.5 grams, including packaging
  • Liquid of suspected methamphetamine 165 grams, including packaging

Police also seized Evans and Smith’s cell phone and $2,516 in cash. The money was placed into evidence pending application for forfeiture.

The four other adults were released from the scene.