Wife of former Clark County sheriff out on bond

JEFFERSONVILLE– The wife of a former Clark County Sheriff is out of jail after posting a $30,000 cash bond on Monday.

Judge Larry Medlock set Misty Noel’s bond at $30,000. She is charged with 10 felonies. The case against Misty Noel is connected to months of local and state investigations into her husband, Jamey Noel, who was arrested in November 2023 on 15 charges related to fraud, theft, misconduct, and public corruption.

On Monday, she was brought into the courtroom in handcuffs, shackles, and a green jail-issued jumpsuit. She spent the weekend in Scott County Detention Center.

Before coming to court on Monday, Misty asked Medlock if she could appear in her own clothing, but he said no.

The defense asked the court for a lower bond, stating Misty wasn’t a flight risk. After hearing from both sides, the judge set the bond.

“The purpose of bond is not to humiliate anyone or to embarrass anyone, the purpose of bond is to ensure the defendants appearance at court proceedings,” defense attorney Bart McMahon said.

“She’s had the benefit of all those allegedly millions of dollars that were taken,” Medlock said.

The investigation into Jamey Noel continues to grow. He’s pleaded not guilty to the charges against him and was released from jail the day after his arrest after posting a $75,000 bond. ISP said last week he’s facing five additional theft charges and five additional tax evasion charges.

“Jamey Noel has been charged with 10 additional counts, totaling 25 felonies at this point, the same charges as Misty Noel, the second time around,” special prosecutor Ric Hertel said. “Their probable cause affidavits, which are about 10 pages are mirror images of each other and deals with the Utica Fire Department credit card as you all have seen.”

After Medlock set the bond for Monday afternoon, Misty was released hours later after posting the cash bond.

Misty Noel is scheduled to go to trial on July 30. 

The state will discuss whether or not it will attempt to join the husband and wife as defendants together, resulting in just one trial for Misty and Jamey Noel.