Lawrence County gives with a big heart

BEDFORD – On Saturday, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., radio stations 1340 AM WBIW, 105.5 FM WQRK, and 102.5 Litefm WPHZ hosted the 18th annual Stuff A Bus for L.I.F.E. During the event, 6,283 items were collected, sorted, and loaded for the L.I.F.E. Food Pantry.

Items are loaded and ready for transport to the L.I.F.E Food Pantry.

The radio stations have hosted this event for the last eighteen years regardless of the cold or inclement weather conditions. This year, WQRK, WBIW, and Litefm radio stations partnered with Rogers Group Inc.

Holly Davis, WQRK, WBIW, and LiteFM owner explained that “Thanks to Rogers Group Inc. and our other tier sponsors, we can host this event annually. I appreciate Sam and her Jay C Food Stores crew allowing us to use their venue and lot as our staging area.”

Jay C Foods Store staff stand with WQRK staff Jeremy Newbold and Sean Duncan. Donnie Hall with L.I.F.E. Food Pantry stands between WQRK staff members in the back row.

The Stuff A Bus event occurred outside the Jay C Food Store, collecting donations directly from those coming in and out. The on-location placement makes it easy for the community to help out.

“It’s convenient for us and those who want to donate.” Holly said, “My core staff has been by my side for many years, and I’m so thankful they understand the importance of this food drive. They sacrifice their time yearly to ensure that we, as a station, can give back to our community, and this food drive is one way we do that.”

The items donated on Saturday will help the L.I.F.E Food Pantry stay stocked with food and personal care products a little longer.

WQRK, WBIW, and Litefm staff Jeremy Newbold, Brandi Weyer, and station owner Holly Davis pause their counting and sorting for the camera.

The radio station crew carefully counts, sorts, and organizes all the items to make it seamless for the L.I.F.E Food pantry staff and volunteers to unload and stock the pantry once the items reach their final destination.

The WQRK, WBIW, and Litefm crew worked diligently to fit items into the truck. Those packing it had to do impromptu real-life Tetris to make everything fit.

Holly Davis is a proud member of Lawrence County, and she appreciates the warm, generous quality of its inhabitants.

In her own words, “This filled truck today is just one example of how our community gives back year after year. I’ve had the privilege of living in several communities over the years. Although most were larger than Lawrence County, they are hard-pressed to match the size of the giving hearts of our Lawrence County businesses and citizens.”

Holly explained that the Food Pantry is an integral means of support for the community, especially for those who are struggling.

“I am thankful that I have never been in a position where I needed to rely on an organization such as the L.I.F.E Food Pantry, but I’m equally thankful that if that day ever comes, I know I will have somewhere to go.”

Despite the cold in the morning, it warmed up by the end of the day, and jackets, coats, and sweaters were tossed aside as the sorters worked, carrying crates, totes, and boxes full of donated food.

Ken Walschlager and his wife Pam, the Rogers Group representative, stand with WQRK staff Dylan Goller, Sean Duncan, Jeremy Newbold, and Donnie Hall, Co-director of L.I.F.E. Food Pantry.

This year marked the 18th Stuff A Bus event, which means Lawrence County has come together every year for almost two decades to help those in need.

May this tradition of kindness and support continue until the county no longer needs it.

John and Kelly Storms come to donate every year, and this year, they donated three full grocery carts. They stand with Donnie Hall from L.I.F.E. Food Pantry and Jeremy Newbold from WQRK.