Bertha’s Mission annual Thanksgiving Dinner feeds many

BEDFORD – Every year since its founding, Bertha’s Mission, a non-profit organization, has hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner to feed the public, and this year was no different.

Every year, Bertha’s Mission holds the dinner event on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This year, it was held at First Baptist Church from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

By the first half-hour, the Mission had already served over 100 people. This number continued to rise throughout the dinner.

Volunteers serve those seeking food.

Those who volunteered their time included, Marilyn Langley and the founder’s son Royce Hogan. Volunteers Mercedes Lopez, Kinley Butler, and Phoebe Anthon also served along side with seventeen-year-old Sydney Wykoff, sixteen-year-old Cora Thomas, and seventeen-year-old Katie Sites, all from the BNL BETA club.

The volunteers were responsible for all of the preparation. Bill and Brent Maudlin cooked 50 turkeys and 50 hams for the dinner, preparation began long before the event.

You didn’t have to be there at the church to get dinner. Before the event began, Bertha’s Mission had already delivered 164 meals via their food truck. Community members who couldn’t make it to the dinner could call in beforehand and get put on a list to receive a delivered meal.

Bertha’s Mission Sponsors list.

Bertha’s Mission continues to strive to meet their goal; to ensure no one goes hungry and spread reasons to be thankful, even as times get harder.