White River Humane Society funding approved by City Council following appointment of Ryan Griffith to Humane Society Board of Directors

BEDFORD – The White River Humane Society request for 2023 was approved Monday evening, after lengthy discussions between the non-profit and Mayor Craig.

Exterior of the White River Humane Society building

The humane society had requested $50,000 for funding in 2023, which was cut down to $37,400 after budget hearings concluded.

The agreement was placed on hold after the city requested to include a city council member on the Humane Society Board of Directors to assist in and better understand the operations of the humane society. The funding from the city is a contract service and requires the city to sign the agreement before payment can be made and had been tabled since October.

Concerns arose after a humane society representative shared that all board members are required to work at least 12 hours per month, are required to attend a certain number of meetings, provide contributions to the board, and must pay $10 annually to be on the board.

City Council member Ryan Griffith

After the conversations held, it was determined to include councilmember Ryan Griffith on the White River Humane Society Board of Directors as a non-voting member. This will allow the opportunity for the city to offer guidance as deemed fit, and a better understanding of how things are being handled with funding.