Woman arrested after violating no trespass order

SPRINGVILLE – A Springville woman was arrested on criminal trespass charges Sunday when Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called to the 50 block of South Teddy Bird Lane after a request for a welfare check

 When the deputy arrived they noticed the gate to the backyard was open and he could hear someone speaking. The deputy announced their presence and entered the backyard. He found 35-year-old Victoria Granger. Police say Granger had been evicted from the property and had been served a no-trespass order from the property.

Victoria Granger

Granger told the deputy that “the satellites told her the trespass was lifted.” She was told the order was still in effect. She then stated,  “a Navy Seal told her she could stay there to hide.”

Granger was detained on a charge of criminal trespass.