The city of Bloomington and AFSCME Reach an agreement on union member salaries and benefits

BLOOMINGTON – The City of Bloomington and Local 2487 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) (AFL-CIO Council 962) have reached an agreement on the terms of a contract that will govern salaries and benefits for union members for the next four years.

The agreement raises wages by 17.2% over the four-year contract, with annual raises of 5% for union members during each of the first two years of the agreement and 3.1% during each of the latter two years. The new contract also increases hourly shift premiums for employees working evening and swing shifts, adds the Juneteenth holiday, increases 24-hour on-call pay, adds a longevity step for employees with 35 or more years of service at the City, and increases hourly pay for AFSCME employees who achieve certain professional licenses and certification levels.

Within the Utilities Department, the agreement also increases several pay grade classifications and creates a mechanism for Union employees and management to establish an apprenticeship program for future employee development.  

“We are incredibly fortunate as members of the Bloomington community to have such a skilled and dedicated workforce,” said Mayor Hamilton. “Our goal is to respect union and non-union members so that all of the people that work for the City are treated well. I am glad that we have reached this contract agreement and grateful to AFSCME members and representation for their engagement in the negotiation process.”

AFSCME members include employees in the City’s Public Works, Parks, and Utilities departments. The new contract, like prior AFSCME contracts, sets the terms and procedures for (among other things) employee pay grades and salaries, overtime, payments for certifications and licenses, discipline and grievances, seniority, and benefits such as paid time off and leaves of absence. 

“The negotiation team and the members of AFSCME 2487 would like to thank the representatives of the City of Bloomington’s administration for their commitment to bringing the contract agreement to a successful conclusion. The final vote count resulted in a 62 yes 14 no passing with a considerable margin,” said Bradley Rushton, President of AFSCME 2487. “There are many facets to this contract that are an essential must in retaining and attracting skilled employees. The two negotiating teams went through a great deal of effort and compromise to reach an agreement that both parties could accept with majority approval. While we will continue to provide the many services that the citizens of Bloomington have come to expect, we want all of the City’s residents to know that we appreciate your support in our continued endeavors.”

The contract will take effect on January 1, 2023, and run through December 31, 2026. After the City and AFSCME leadership agreed on the terms, union members voted to accept them on November 30.