Updated information released after teen takes BB gun to school

BEDFORD – A child who took a BB gun to Lincoln Elementary School said he was having a difficult time and was being bullied.

The administration quickly notified the authorities and placed the school on lockdown for the safety of those in the building. 

When police arrived at 10:37 a.m. they were told the student had the gun in the restroom. The police found Principal James Webb talking with the teen in the restroom.

Principal Webb making effort to get the student to put the weapon on the floor and exit the stall. However, the child would not comply. 

Police exited Principal Webb from the restroom and ordered the 13-year-old male to place the firearm on the floor, place his hands above the stall and walk to the stall door.

Once the teen complied with the police officers’ requests he was placed in handcuffs and detained. 

Police then determined the weapon was a BB gun. 

The teen was escorted out of the school, placed in a police vehicle, and transported to the Bedford Police Department where officers met with the child’s mother.

The lockdown was then lifted at the school. 

According to the teen, on Sunday he decided to take the BB gun to school and placed it in his backpack Monday morning. He told officers while he was in his classroom he took the BB gun out of his backpack and placed it in his hoodie pocket and then ran to the restroom.

That is when a staff member noticed the handgrip of the weapon in the child’s hoodie pocket and alerted other staff members. 

The teen said he then “blacked out” and that is when Mr. Webb entered the bathroom and attempted to get him to put the weapon on the floor and exit the restroom stall. The teen said a short time later, officers entered the bathroom. 

When asked why he took the BB gun to school he told officers his family had some financial problems and he “hasn’t been right since his father passed away”.  He added that at the beginning of school “he liked a girl and her friends found out and the girls began bullying him”.

Juvenile Probation was alerted to the incident and the teen was issued a summons to appear in Juvenile Court on December 14, at 9 a.m. on a charge of disorderly conduct. The teen was released to the custody of his mother.