Orleans Town crews picking up leaves around town

ORLEANS – Orleans Town crews are now picking up leaves in the residential areas around town.

Crews are moving from pile to pile until all the leaves are collected and then will make another complete circuit. Bagged leaves are also being picked up as time permits. Trash and bagged leaves must be kept separate for pick-up. 

Residents are asked to rake leaves to the tree plat, located between the sidewalk and curb, and NOT into the street. Burning of leaves is not permitted on any town street or roadway.

Residents are asked to remove any large sticks and similar debris from the leaf pile. The sticks clog up the vacuum pipes and slow the crew’s progress.

Questions concerning leaf collection should be directed to Orleans Town Offices during regular business hours at 812-865-2539 or visit the town’s website www.orleans.town.in.us.