Martin University joins Versiti in a mobile blood drive during Homecoming Week

INDIANAPOLIS – Versiti helps raise awareness within the African American Community on the importance of blood donation. 

Martin University will host a blood drive in partnering with Versiti for Martin University’s Homecoming on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, in the Martin University Gatherortorium, at 2186 North Sherman Drive, in Indianapolis.

Martin University is asking for volunteers to donate blood and help those who live with Sickle Cell disease Versiti is committed to helping save more lives, which means reaching donors of all ethnic backgrounds so they can serve the needs of all patients. Also, sickle cell disease is a genetic blood disease that affects millions of people worldwide, with a high prevalence among African Americans.

Patients with this disease can experience severe pain and often require blood transfusion as a form of treatment. 44% of African Americans have the rare Ro blood type needed to help Sickle Cell patients receive necessary blood
transfusions to treat their disease. 

Founded in 1977, Martin University is Indiana’s only Predominantly Black Institution of higher education. It is steeped in a history of service and is open to a diverse population of students.