The community is invited to celebrate the launch of the Hoosier Networks Fiber-Network Project Thursday

BLOOMINGTON – Hoosier Networks, LLC the fiber network utility provider established by Meridiam, plans to break ground on the transformational $50-million-plus network this month bringing high-speed internet access to all of Bloomington. GigabitNow will deliver fiber-based broadband services when construction is completed to the first residents at the end of January 2023.

GigabitNow will offer service of at least 1 gigabit per second symmetrical speed (equal upload and download) everywhere the Hoosier Network network reaches. The cost-of-service rates with the initial ISP will be competitive locally and regionally. 

Eligible low-income residents may qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Plan (ACP) to get a symmetrical 250 megabits per second (Mbps) plan at reduced or no cost to them. The City and Hoosier Networks will together provide the “drop” connection to qualifying households 

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton, Meridiam North America CEO Nicolas Rubio, Hoosier Networks CEO Bill Abston, Atlantic Engineering Group CEO James Salter, and GigabitNow/Isofusion CEO Stephen Milton will offer remarks during the event on Thursday, October 6 at 3 p.m.

The event will be held at the new commercial space, south of the Parking Services Offices at 206 South Walnut Street at the new 4th Street Garage. Parking is available in the garage.


Since 2016, the Hamilton administration has prioritized establishing a community-wide high-speed fiber network to provide broad and equitable access to this essential 21st-century technology. The primary goals have been broad community coverage, a voice at the table for the City, a financially feasible business model, open access and net neutrality, and commitment to digital equity. 

After several explorations of prospective partnerships, and after nearly a year of discussions and site visits from Meridiam, the City signed a Master Development Agreement with Hoosier Networks, a Meridiam-funded company. Since Meridiam announced its plans in May 2022 ( to bring high-speed internet access to all of Bloomington, the City of Bloomington and now Hoosier Networks, a Meridiam company, have entered the operations phase of this transformational project.

Hoosier Networks announced on September 13 its partnership with GigabitNow as the primary ISP (Internet Service Provider) under the Hoosier Networks agreement with the City (

Hoosier Networks and the City continue to collaborate on a groundbreaking digital equity program, one of the most innovative broadband public-private collaborations in the country, to help low-income and digitally-disadvantaged households access top-quality internet services. 

Hoosier Networks will also contribute $85k annually for digital equity funding and will be part of the City’s new Digital Equity Fund established as part of the 2023 budget. All residents can learn more and pre-register at no cost or obligation at   

Under the Hoosier Networks agreement with the City, GigabitNow is the exclusive ISP for at least a five-year term. After the exclusivity period ends, the network may become a full open-access network, open to other ISPs, including local providers, for the lifetime of the network. 

Hoosier Networks is based in Bloomington and plans to grow here as its footprint expands within the state. Columbus, Shelbyville, and Bartholomew County now have Hoosier Networks projects underway and are moving forward following Bloomington’s lead. 

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