Woman arrested after she bit a man’s neck during a domestic fight

BEDFORD – A Michigan City woman was arrested after Bedford Police officers were in front of the police station and received a report of a domestic fight across the street from the police station. 

Officers recognized the two individuals from an earlier incident.

Alicia Diviney

The female was identified as 22-year-old Alicia Diviney. She told the officers she  “just wanted to walk home” which she proceeded to do. The male, told officers that Diviney had bit him. 

Officers detained Diviney and she was walked to the police department. While escorting her to the police department, Diviney began “talking very loudly and she was asked to stop because she was causing a disturbance”.

The male told an officer that Diviney was gathering her items in the back of his vehicle and he had asked her “to not take his stuff”. He was parking the vehicle when Diviney bit him in the neck. He told the officer he did not want to press charges. Police reported the male had a bite mark on his neck that was red and a scratch below his right ear that was bleeding.

Diviney refused to cooperate with the police when they requested she stop yelling while she was inside the police department and as she was escorted to a police vehicle.  

The woman reported to the officer the bite mark was old. She also stated he grabbed her by the neck and put her head down by his legs and said the male had “grabbed her up”. The officer said there were no red marks on her neck but her shirt was ripped.

However, a Bedford Police dispatcher told the officers he had received a call about a verbal fight in front of the station and could hear the male and female arguing. At one point the male yelled in the background “Ow, she bit me”.

The Lawrence County Jail later reported to the Bedford Police Department that baggies with meth residue and syringes were located in Diviney’s backpack. 

Diviney faces charges of battery causing bodily injury, possession of meth, unlawful possession of a syringe, and disorderly conduct.

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