Two arrested after neighbor spots male breaking into neighbor’s home

MITCHELL – Two people were arrested after Mitchell Police officers were called to 930 Walker Addition on Saturday, July 2, after a report from a neighbor that someone had broken into her neighbor’s home and was still inside.

When an officer arrived he could hear glass breaking and items falling onto the floor. He attempted to enter through the front door but the door was locked. 

The officer was able to enter by opening a garage door. The officer shouted his presence but received no response and continued to make his way through the house. He again announced his presence and heard the shuffling of feet across the floor. He exited the kitchen and went down a long hallway announcing his presence and that he would release his canine partner.

Steven Bradley

A male, 33-year-old Steve Bradley, of West Baden Springs, approached the officer with his hands up along with a female, 43-year-old Christy Gratzer, of Mitchell.

Christy Gratzer

Bradley told the officer, “man we’re here cleaning”.  Bradley said he was cleaning the kitchen but when asked why they were found in a bedroom he had no answer. 

While on the scene the homeowner arrived home and stated no one had permission to be in her home and she did not know the two found inside of her home. The woman’s home had been broken into the day before and jewelry was missing.

While en route to the jail, Gratzer told the officers that “a ton” of jewelry showed up at her apartment early that morning and she did not know whose Jewelry it was. She then gave the officer permission to go to her apartment on North 6th Street and retrieve the jewelry. 

The officer found the jewelry spread out throughout Gratzer and Bradley’s bedroom.

While searching for the jewelry, the officers found two used syringes that tested positive for meth. 

The officer then had Gratzer sign a content to search form to look for drugs in the apartment. 

The officer found three unopened syringes, a small plastic baggie continuing meth residue, and a small bottle with several prescription pills which neither had a prescription for. 

The jewelry was identified by the burglarized homeowner as hers. The total amount of the jewelry stolen was around $5,000. A ring that belonged to the homeowner’s grandmother that was worth around $3,000 was not recovered and is still missing.

Bradley and Gratzer are both being charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft, and receiving stolen property. 

Gratzer is also facing charges of possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a syringe, possession of meth, and possession of a legend drug.