AG Todd Rokita demands Homeland Security chief’s resignation over unlawfully lax border security

INDIANA – Attorney General Todd Rokita this week demanded the resignation of U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his continued failure to enforce federal law and secure America’s southern border.

Todd Rokita

“During my two recent trips to the border, I saw firsthand the state of chaos and lawlessness that our federal government has allowed it to fester,” Attorney General Rokita said. “This deliberate negligence amounts to an attack on the rule of law by the very people we entrust to enforce it.”

Hoosiers pay a steep price for the Biden administration’s failures to address illegal immigration, Attorney General Rokita added.

“Right here in Indiana, I hear almost daily from law enforcement about increases in drug trafficking, prostitution, and other crimes that they attribute to the increase in illegal immigration since Biden and Mayorkas took office,” Attorney General Rokita said. “In order to keep our homes and neighborhoods safe, we need the federal government to enforce its own laws. And I intend to hold accountable those federal officials who are betraying their oaths.”

With I-69 being extended from Indianapolis to the U.S.-Mexico border, Attorney General Rokita noted, drug cartels and other criminals crossing the border will have even greater ease traveling to Indiana. Driving to the border, Attorney General Rokita witnessed this highway construction along U.S. 281, which will become a segment of I-69, near the community of Encino, Texas.

Work along the I-69 corridor near Encino, Texas.

In a 14-state letter to Secretary Mayorkas, Attorney General Rokita and other attorneys general outline their reasons for demanding his resignation.

“Perhaps most egregiously, you have refused to deport some of the most dangerous criminals, even though you are required by law to do so,” the attorney general writes. “That decision is shocking, especially because Democrats and Republicans alike have always prioritized the removal of criminals here illegally.”

Attorney General Rokita has long led the fight for securing America’s southern border and cracking down on illegal immigration.

Last August, Attorney General Rokita led a 16-state coalition seeking to stop President Joe Biden from shelving former President Donald Trump’s successful “Remain in Mexico” policy. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Attorney General Rokita and the coalition — although the Biden administration does not appear to be complying.

And just last month, Attorney General Rokita sued the Biden administration over its unlawful granting of special privileges to illegal immigrants — asking a U.S. district court to stop a program granting certain illegal aliens from El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras the ability to petition the federal government to bring their minor children into the United States. He and several like-minded attorneys general announced the lawsuit while visiting the border.

In this video, Attorney General Rokita discusses the situation he has encountered during his recent visits to the border.

Attached is the letter demanding the resignation of Secretary Mayorkas.

Secretary Mayorkas letter 2.pdf