Final steps made to purchase old Aldi building during special Redevelopment Commission meeting Feb. 22

BEDFORD – The final steps for the purchase of the old Aldi building location for the new Bedford Police Department were approved Tuesday evening during the special Redevelopment Commission meeting.

Members of the Redevelopment Commission

Brandon Woodward, Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals Clerk/Treasurer, addressed the commission with the results of the environmental study performed by Bluemoose Environmental to ensure that the building is safe to proceed with renovation plans.

Brandon Woodward

A few minor issues stemming from the age of the building and the amount of time it has remained unused were discussed, from cracks in the building where the cart return was, to a couple foundational cracks due to aging were discussed with the commission.

Within the study, surrounding properties were also checked for issues that could potentially harm the Aldi location, including the Marathon gas station at 2504 16th Street for water leaking into one of the gas tanks.

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The planned expansion of the Economic Development area

IDEM was notified and is currently working with the owners of the station to correct the issue, and will notify the City if there are any potential hazards due to this issue.

No other problems were found to bring major concern over the finalization of the property and was approved by the commission to proceed with the purchase agreement.