Shedding light on deer season

INDIANA – Many take a break from the woods after the end of deer season. But for others, late winter presents a great opportunity to scout for next season or hunt for treasure. You can do both through shed hunting.

During winter, bucks lose their antlers—once an antler falls off, it’s called a “shed.” Finding these sheds can teach you where bucks are spending time during the late season and can often reveal their core area.

As an added bonus, these sheds can be collected and displayed as decorations, or they can be used in arts and craft projects. T

o increase your chance of finding sheds, focus on areas where deer tend to congregate. Search common late-season food sources like red oak groves, stands of young trees that deer like to browse, and the edges of crop fields. Bedding areas, typically areas with dense, brushy vegetation or fields with tall grass, are also great spots.  

Walking along trails between these locations can also yield sheds. Have some fun shed hunting this winter and you’ll be better prepared for deer season in the fall.