Oolitic Town Council votes to amend 2022 salary ordinance to pay Deputy Marshals

OOLITIC – During the special meeting in Oolitic Wednesday evening, the council discussed a revision to the 2022 Salary Ordinance and the announcement of the potential hiring of a fourth laborer for the town.

Oolitic Town Council during February 9th special meeting

Jon Broglin discussed the amended ordinance to the salary already in place for a full-time Deputy Marshal and broke it down into an hourly rate. The Deputy Marshals have not been paid since they were hired in January of 2022.

The part-time positions will work 20 hours per week from the General and Local Option Income Tax (LOIT) funds and will pay over $17 per hour, with a bi-weekly paycheck of $686.12 and a total salary of $17,839.32. This amendment was unanimously approved by the council.

The council then moved on to discuss the hiring of a third town laborer, with the supervisor making a total of four workers, by officially hiring on Mike Collins to help around the town.

Jon Broglin

“It will be nice to have an extra body to help take care of things around town,” Broglin said. “Mike is a sharp-minded individual and has the experience with the work, and is willing to put in the time to get a Class I and Class II license, which will save the town money along the way.”

The additional worker will allow for flexibility with potential sick leave and vacation time for the other employees if the need should arise. The council will wait to officially hire the new position at a later date.