There is assistance for those feeling overwhelmed with filing their taxes

INDIANA – For many Hoosiers, filing taxes can feel overwhelming – especially if you need additional support and cannot afford the services of a tax professional. DOR is aware of the following organizations which offer tax preparation assistance for seniors and low-income taxpayers:

In 2022, federal and state income tax returns are due on April 18.

Eligible seniors with low incomes may be able to use a simplified form to file their taxes and claim a refund of the Unified Tax Credit for the Elderly.

Most taxpayers claim this credit by filing their taxes on Form IT-40 or Form IT-40 PNR. To use the shorter, one-page Form SC-40, you and/or your spouse must qualify for the tax credit and meet the following income guidelines:

  • Single or widowed with less than $2,500 in income; or
  • Married, and only one person is age 65 or older, with less than $3,500 in income; or
  • Married, and both of you are age 65 or older, with less than $5,000 in income.

For more information  on tax assistance and a list of credits, deductions and exemptions you may qualify for, visit DOR’s “Tax Information for Seniors and Low-Income Taxpayers” page.