Shopping for school supplies nightmare

UNDATED – Back-to-school shopping is always a nightmare. This year is expected it to be even worse.

While parents may be used to encountering shortages of items like sneakers, backpacks, and other needed supplies later in the season, products are expected to be in tight supply even earlier. That means shoppers could find themselves picking over the handful of unwanted backpack designs.

With more classrooms fully reopening in the fall, industry experts expect demand on school merchandise to be robust with shoppers spending an average of $850 per family, according to the National Retail Federation, the retail industry’s largest trade group.

Global shipping delays could mean shortages on the shelves as shoppers gear up for back-to-school shopping. But that demand is also coming face-to-face with tight inventory levels and delayed shipments which will impact retailers’ ability to replenish products on shelves later in the season.

Neil Saunders, retail analyst and managing director at GlobalRetail Data

“What we will likely see is more limited choice and lower stock levels towards the end of the back-to-school period,” said Neil Saunders, retail analyst and managing director at GlobalRetail Data. “Some consumers will inevitably miss out on the things they want to purchase.”

He said categories in the most dangers of shortages include backpacks, stationery, sports equipment, laptops, and tablets.

Information CNN News.