Two arrested after house searched for drugs

BEDFORD – A Williams man and a Heltonville woman were arrested on Thursday after an Indiana State Police trooper assisted Lawrence County Community Corrections with a home visit in the 4670 block of Peerless Road. 

Airon Lagel

Airon Lagel, 25, was serving a sentence on house arrest.

Haylee Lagel

When officers arrived they found Lagel in the living room and 25-year-old Haylee Lagle, in a bedroom.

But when she saw police she jumped from the bed and ran into a walk-in closet. She told police she ran in the closet to get dressed. 

Officers searched the home and could do so as part of the terms of Lagel’s house arrest. 

During the search officers found:

  • Two hypodermic syringes and a spoon (appearing to have been used to ingest illegal drugs)  lying on the bed underneath a pillow.  
  • Two more hypodermic syringes in a case with Narcan on the dresser.  
  • A broken glass smoking device, with burn marks and residue, in the case with the Narcan from the dresser.  
  • A rubber “tie-off” in a pair of jeans belonging to Airon on the bedroom floor. 
  • One spoon with residue in a purse, which was laying next to the bed. This purse had multiple identifications belonging to Haylee.  
  • One cut straw with a large quantity of a white/gray residue in the same purse.  

Haylee told Airon to admit the stuff was his because he was already going to jail. Airon did say they belonged to him. Haylee tried to get Airon to admit the items in her purse were his but he would not. 

Arion was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a syringe and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Haylee was arrested on charges of possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The homeowner requested a no-trespass order against Haylee. The homeowner did say after being released from jail Haylee could return and collect her vehicle and other items.

After arriving at the jail, Haylee admitted to being a heroin addict. She told police she had been using half a gram of heroin a day but had been arrested and spent the last weekend in the Monroe County Jail. She had been out of jail for three days. Haylee said that she had only used 2/10 of a gram of heroin since getting out of jail. Haylee also admitted that she had used heroin the night before. She said she had forgotten about the cut straw in her purse, but the residue on it would be heroin. Haylee said she used the straw to scoop out heroin when she was about to use it and ingested the heroin by injection into her arm. Haylee denied any of the syringes at Airon’s house being hers. 

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