Town of Oolitic holds public hearing on proposed $750,000 stormwater project

OOLITIC – The Town of Oolitic held a public hearing on a proposed $750,000 stormwater project on Tuesday.

Michelle Carrico, Southern Indiana Development Corporation, and Drew Flanmion, an engineer with Commonwealth, explained the project to town officials and members of the public.

Council President Tangie Jenkins, Vice President Brenda Corey, councilmember Steve Kerr, and Annette Norrick, Clerk-Treasurer attended the meeting.

The Town of Oolitic is trying to address water leaks and storm water issues

The estimated $750,000 project will replace a culvert, and make road repairs at the intersection of Hall and Mathias avenues, and stormwater improvements at Hall Avenue and Oak Street.

A grant in the amount of $600,000 is being applied to the Office of Community Rural Affairs, with the Town of Oolitic matching the grant in the amount of $159,600 with a State Revolving Flood Control Loan. The loan will be paid off in approximately ten years. The grant application is due June 25.

Clifford Rhoher, a resident of Oolitic, spoke in favor of the improvements.

Stormwater issues have been a major concern over the last several years. Town officials identified 19 areas needing work. Due to financial issues, officials voted to address the areas of major concern first.

At this time, Oolitic residents are requested to fill out a survey, click here. The deadline for completing the survey is June 22.

Currently, the town officials are obtaining easements that will be required for the project.

“We are confident in this project, making headway in addressing our stormwater issues,” said Norrick.