Two arrested after an accident on Fayetteville Williams Road

FAYETTEVILLE – Two Bedford residents were arrested Sunday after a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputy responded to a single-vehicle accident at the intersection of Fayetteville Williams and Ridge Road.

The caller told dispatchers they believed the male involved in the accident was intoxicated.

Jeremy Myers

When police arrived they found 38-year-old Jeremy Myers staggering and lethargic in the roadway attempting to free the vehicle from the ditch.

Samantha Kannapel

Police say 32-year-old Samantha Kannapel had been driving the vehicle. 

Myers told police he had not taken any medication, illegal drugs nor had he been drinking. 

Because police say Myers was impaired he was arrested on a charge of illegal consumption. 

While speaking to Kannapel, the officer noticed a holster hanging from the driver’s door storage compartment. In the holster was a Glock G19 with a 9mm chambered and six rounds of 9mm ammunition in the magazine.

Kannapel said the gun belonged to her and she did have a valid handgun permit.  

Canine Flek alerted police to possible drugs in the vehicle. 

In Kannapel’s purse, officers found multiple empty bottles of Hydrocodone prescribed to Kannapel. Also located, was a brown zipper bag containing two plastic tubes with a heavy white powder residue and a plastic pill bottle containing three Alprazolam and three Clonazepam. 

Kannapel did not have a valid prescription for either of those controlled substances.  

Kannapel was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance while in possession of a handgun.