Executive Director Ames makes improvements to Bedford Housing

BEDFORD – Executive Director Bobbi Ames has overseen several improvements that were made at the Bedford housing complexes. Ames has been able to accomplish these improvements after serving approximately three years.

Bobbi Ames Executive Director Bedford Housing Authority

During the Housing Authority meeting Thursday afternoon, the board of commissioners complimented Ames on her hard work and dedication for many improvements made over the approximate three years since she filled the position of executive director.

“I am just so thrilled with the turnaround we have seen here,” said Dewayne Turpen, one of the members of the board.

“I have lived here almost six years, and I and the other residents have noticed the conditions here at the Hauck House have really improved. It is a lot safer, and the police department is not here as much anymore,” said Robyn Bridges resident who now serves on the board of commissioners.

Hauck House

The board also noted the financial condition of the agency has improved. Many facility improvements at both the Hauck House and Hamilton Courts have improved the quality of life for the residents.

The board asked Ames to list three accomplishments since she began. They include

  1. Improved finances of the agency
  2. Improved mechanical operations which included HVAC at both facilities
  3. Improved natural gas utility services at the Hamilton Courts

Ames still has goals for the agency. Some are to increase cash reserves, stay within budget, and continue to improve Section 8 housing.

Ames has strived to make the Hauck House and Hamilton Courts a safe and decent place to live.

Fire drills are being conducted on a monthly basis, and tornado safety practices have been posted with yearly drills implemented for the Hauck House.

Ames is a Bedford North Lawrence High School graduate and attended Oakland City College in Bedford.
She was hired by the Bedford Housing Authority in 1998.

The Hauck House was designed for those 55 and older and those with disabilities. Hamilton Courts are for those with low income. The Housing Authority also issues vouchers for rent assistance.

The Hauck House has 103 apartments, and 62 apartments at Hamilton Courts. The Hamilton Courts complex was constructed in 1969, Several upgrades to the apartments and roof have been made since Ames became executive director.

Ames stated that housing is a significant concern in Bedford, with a growing homeless population, and the type of housing needs that exist locally. Ames added, there are plenty of two bedroom type of apartments, but the need now is for one-bedroom apartments or 3 to 4 bedroom apartments. Ames says it will take a while to develop a plan and set goals into action.