Two Correctional Lieutenant promotions awarded at the Rockville Correctional Facility

ROCKVILLE – Warden Julie Stout and all the staff at Rockville Correctional Facility (RCF) are pleased to congratulate Amanda Burleson and William Fullingim on their promotions to Correctional Lieutenant.

Captain Jamin Medina and William Fullingim

Lieutenants Burleson and Fullingim began their careers at RCF in December 2010 and October 2015, respectively. Both Lieutenants have proven their proficiency in a myriad of specialty tasks. Both are trained handgun certified trip officers who escort offenders off RCF grounds for a variety of reasons, including medical trips and facility transfers, and both are Field Training Officers which allows them to help facilitate on the job training of coworkers, whether they be newly employed correctional staff, or newly promoted correctional sergeants. Lieutenant Burleson is also an extradition officer who travels out of state to pick up offenders bringing them back to Indiana to face charges in our criminal justice system. 

Lieutenants Jamie Sandifer and Amanda Burleson

Amongst their most valued skills is that Lieutenants Burleson and Fullingim exhibit outstanding communication skills, and are easily approachable by staff and offenders. These skills coupled with a background steeped in knowledge of correctional policies and procedures enable them to offer encouragement in most situations and deescalate problematic behaviors in others.  

Deputy Warden of Operations Stacey Miner said, “One of the most gratifying duties we have is recognizing hardworking, dedicated staff by way of promotion. Lieutenant Burleson and Lieutenant Fullingim are correctional professionals worthy of that recognition.”