The City of Bedford continues to work to find a solution for Starbucks traffic issues

BEDFORD – The City of Bedford continues to work to find a solution to the traffic issue at the Starbucks located on West 16th Street.

City Council member Brad Bough asked Bedford Mayor Sam Craig last month what the city was doing in addressing the traffic situation at that location. Often times vehicles are backed up blocking traffic and at a standstill waiting to go through the drive-through or attempting to get into the parking lot.

According to Bedford Mayor Sam Craig, Bedford Street Commissioner David Flinn has contacted the Indiana Department of Transportation two times to discuss the matter.

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig also stated he visited the location to see the problem first hand. In addition, Mayor Craig has contacted Lawrence County Prosecutor Sam Arp about the situation.

Both Mayor Craig and Prosecutor Arp composed and submitted a letter addressing the issue to the Indiana Department of Transportation for their review.

Officials with the Indiana Department of Transportation have visited the location and will assign a private consultant to recommend any improvements for traffic flow.

A meeting will be held at a later time to make those recommendations and Mayor Craig has requested to attend that meeting.

Officials say the vehicles waiting in line to enter Starbucks and not moving are considered as parking on 16th Street.

Indiana Department of Transportation will remove the speed limit signs and install no parking signs on 16th Street. Those signs will be erected in the next 30 days.

Once INDOT makes their recommendations, Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore and Prosecutor Arp will determine how to handle violators and if citations will be issued.