Otis Park golfers average 30,000 rounds of golf a year

BEDFORD – Golfers at Bedford’s Otis Park average 30,000 rounds of golf a year. With social distancing during the pandemic, golf was a wonderful way to get away from the stresses.

The historic park developed as a WPA project was established in 1923 and donated to the City of Bedford in 1935.

Today, the park continues to expand. There are many different activities for families ranging from a picnic to playing rounds of disc golf.

Over the last year, the irrigation system at the course was upgraded and there were improvements to the course and bunkers.

During the park department meeting Tuesday afternoon the board voted to replace some of the sprinkler heads.

The parks board also approved a golf cart rider policy that requires twosomes and foursomes to ride a minimum of two patrons per cart.

The board also passed the following golf cart rules.

  • Cart must always remain on cart paths when within 30 feet of tees or greens. If no cart path is available, the cart must be at least 30 feet away from tees and greens.
  • All Par 3 holes are cart path only at all times, regardless of whether it is deemed a non-cart path throughout the rest of the course.
  • On days when the Otis Golf Course requires cart path only, the customer will be notified in the Pro-shop and signs will be posted at holes 1 and 10.
  • If any violations, of these rules are noted by officials, the following course of action will be taken.
    • First violation results in a warning.
    • Second violation results in loss of cart priveledges and forfeit of the cart rental for the day.
    • Third violation of this rule results in loss of cart privileges, forfeit of cart rental package, forfeit of membership and ejection off the property for a calendar year.
  • Anyone vandalizing property will have their membership revoked and will not be allowed on the property for 1 calendar year. Law enforcement will be contacted.

Golf Pro John Bertges started in June 2020 and continues to offer classes for both adults and teens.

The construction of the maintenance building which started in 2020 is now complete.

The board also signed a contract for the renovations for the Red Brick, which was damaged in a fire. The renovations should be completed in about nine months barring any material, or labor issues.