Observant manager of gas station pegs patrons for stealing

BEDFORD – Two people were arrested Sunday after Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called to D&D Star Stop gas station on US 50 East.

Two people were caught stealing items from the store and were refusing to leave the property.

Police were alerted the two people were in a red sedan in the parking lot with the vehicle doors open.

William Chandler

When police arrived they found 56-year-old William Chandler in the driver’s seat and 57-year-old Vicki Chandler, both of Bedford in the passenger seat.

Vicki Chandler

Deputies said they could smell the odor of burnt marijuana in the vehicle.

William Chandler told police he had not stolen any items from the store, but did say he had purchased some candy bars.

Vicki Chandler kept changing her story and said she had entered the store to use the bathroom.

Williams was asked about the odor of marijuana and said there was a marijuana roach in the vehicle.

The manager told police that William had stolen candy bars from the store and dropped one when he exited the store and believed he could have stolen other items.

The manager then asked the two to leave and they refused. 

In the vehicle police found stolen car air fresheners, two pair of sunglasses, oil treatment, gas treatment, octane booster, fuses, duct tape, a rubber patch kit and six food items.

The manager confirmed the items had been stolen from the store. The items were returned to the store.

The two were arrested on charges of theft and criminal trespassing.