Man arrested for second time after causing a disturbance at a local hospital

BEDFORD – A Richmond man was arrested Tuesday night after Bedford Police were alerted about a man causing a disturbance at St. Vincent Dunn Hospital in the emergency room. 

Keith Wise

When police arrived at 7:03 a.m. they learned from emergency room nurses that 60-year-old Keith Wise had been causing issues throughout the night.

Nursing staff had called the police twice before due to Wise’s belligerent behavior.

Wise was at the hospital due to his level of intoxication and suicidal statements. Wise attempted to leave the hospital several times but was not allowed to because of his condition.

Wise continued to yell, throw things and push hospital staff.

Keith was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct and transported to jail.

This was the second time Wise was arrested. The first time was on Saturday after he caused a disturbance at IU Health Bedford Hospital.