UPDATE – Hoosiers from across the state gather for vigil; call to action on the anniversary of COVID lockdown

STATEHOUSE – Today, the one-year anniversary of Indiana’s COVID-19 lockdown, hundreds of Hoosiers from Indiana’s smallest towns and biggest cities will join together at the Statehouse and online for a socially-distanced vigil, white paper report release, and press conference.

At the event, diverse Hoosiers will share their stories, honor their losses, and call on the Indiana General Assembly to ensure that all Hoosiers, whether they are Black, white, or brown, are able to recover from this crisis. Hoosier Action Resource Center will also release a white paper report
detailing the struggles Hoosiers have faced in the past year.

What: A Vigil, White Paper Report Release, and Press Conference
When: Tuesday, March 23rd
Where: Indiana Statehouse, second floor Rotunda, and South Atrium and live-streamed online at facebook.com/HoosierAction/live/

Vigil & Call to Action Schedule:

  • 11:00 a.m. Tour the toll that 2020 has taken on Hoosiers. Visit stations around the statehouse to learn about what Hoosiers have experienced in the past year.
  • 11:30 a.m. Vigil. Faith Leaders from across the state will lead us in an interfaith vigil to mourn what we’ve lost in the past year.
  • 12:15 p.m. Press Conference. Hoosier Action Leaders and others will share their stories, and call on the Indiana General Assembly to honor our losses and legislate on our behalf.

Press Conference Speakers:

  • Kim White-Mills, Hamilton County Hoosier Action Leader
  • April Lopossa, Morgan County Hoosier Action Leader
  • Mary Hess, Southwestern Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life
  • David Schell, Morgan County Hoosier Action Leader
  • Taylor Gibson, Campus Action Student Leader from Lake County
  • Destiny Faceson, Grassroots Maternal, and Child Health Leader
  • Samantha Kern, Hamilton County Hoosier Action Leader
  • Dr. William Cooke, Scott County Physician
  • Justin Phillips, Overdose Lifeline
  • Kathy Thorpe, Morgan County Hoosier Action Leader
  • Mary McCloskey, Indiana Unemployment Peer to Peer Information Facebook Group
  • Lane Fulton, Monroe County Hoosier Action Leader

Faith Leaders:

  • Pastor Amanda Meade, First Christian Church of Jeffersonville
  • Rabbi Brett Krichiver, Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation
  • Imam Michael Saahir, Nur-Allah Islamic Center, Indianapolis
  • Pastor Everett Pimpleton, Empowerment Church, New Albany

Link to Day of Materials, Including White Paper Report: https://linktr.ee/Hoosier.Action