Local troop sells girl scout cookies for White River Humane Society

BEDFORD – Saturday was the last day for local Girl Scout Troop #4678 to sell girl scout cookies.

Kiera Turner ( left) and Dusty Kindred ( right) make last minute pitch for Girl Scout Cookie sales Saturday at Bedford Jay -C Plus Store in Bedford.

Kiera Turner and Dusty Kindred started selling cookies at 11:00 a.m. Saturday at the JayC Plus Store in Bedford.

The two are a part of the Girl Scout troop from Stone City Christian Academy in Bedford.

“Our goal is to try and sell a total of 3,500 boxes, with the proceeds from the sale of the cookies going to the Whiter River Humane Society in Bedford,” said Kiera Turner.

Kiera started in girl scouts about one year ago, and as part of her activities in the organization has volunteered her time at the White River Humane Society.

“I have learned safety, and participated in helping out at the animal shelter, I love taking care of the cats,” Turner added.

Being part of the group has helped Turner and Kindred build friendships.

“We have gone to Build a Bear at the College Mall in Bloomington, participated in robotics and plan on doing some camping later this year,” said Dusty Kindred.