Chick Fil A Day – rains do not keep the crowds away

BEDFORD – The rain did not keep the crowds away in Bedford on Thursday as the Chick-fil-A food truck made its way to the Bedford Church of God parking lot.

The food truck will be Bedford until 7:30 p.m. tonight.

Bedford is its fourth location visited this week.

A total of 32 locations have been visited within 20 plus miles of a Chick Fil restaurant to see if the business market would be profitable in a certain area.

“Since this morning, we have had a great turnout, with approximately 300 customers served,” said Brandon Lynn Chick fil A representative. ” We have visited locations in Indiana and Kentucky,” added Lynn.

The food truck will be back on March 30.

“We would like to invite the public to come and visit us. Anyone interested in starting up a Chick Fil A restaurant in their area we will be able to provide them the information and data for the area,” said Lynn.