Community Correction releases annual report

BEDFORD – Community Corrections Director Chad Shew released the 2020 Annual Community Correction Report to the commissioners Tuesday morning.

Community Corrections is governed by a board of directors that meets quarterly to discuss program operations, grants, budgets, program statistics and successes and anything relevant to Community Corrections and the courts.

The board also makes sure Community Corrections adheres to its grant requirements and follows all local policies and procedures.

The board also completes an annual report required by the IDOC Community Corrections Division to the county fiscal body containing an evaluation of programs, including recommendations for improvement, modification, or discontinuance.

The following is information included in the report:

Adult Component Statistics

Electronic Monitoring Program (Not county pre-trial or CTP) 75 percent rate

  • 134 individuals served, 168 total cases
  • 114 successful completions, 48 unsuccessful completions, 29 still active
  • 31,993 electronic monitoring days completed, $1,765,373.70 in incarceration savings to the county (based on a $55.18 daily DOC per diem)
  • 59 participants gained employment – 63 percent (93 unemployed participants when began HD during this time)
  • 12 participants disabled

Alcohol Monitoring: 12 successful, 5 still active, 100 percent success rate of the completions

  • 17 individuals, 19 total cases
  • 12 participants disabled

Community Transition Program: 97 percent success rate

  • 36 individuals served
  • 31 successful completions, 1 unsuccessful completions, 4 still active
  • 2,839 days of prison diverted, an IDOC incarceration savings of $156,656.02 (based on a $53.99 per diem per day)

Pre-Trial Supervision: 82 percent success rate

  • 28 individuals served, 31 total cases
  • 23 successful completions, 5 unsuccessful completions
  • 23 cases supervised on electronic monitoring as a condition of pre-trial release
  • 23 cases supervised on day reporting as a condition of pre-trial release

Community Service/Road Crew: 91 percent success rate

  • 209 individuals served, 8,075 hours ordered
  • 7,507 work hours completed
  • 105 successful completions, 11 unsuccessful, 93 active
  • $54,425.75 labor cost savings to the community
  • 7 local agencies received community service workers

Cost savings summary provided by Lawrence County Community Corrections Jan. 1, 2020 – Dec. 13, 2021

  • $1,765,373.20 from Adult Home Detention (jail savings)
  • $54,425.75 in Community Service labor hours
  • $156,656.02 in DOC prison savings from CTP supervisions
  • Total – $1,976,445.40

Grant dollars received by Lawrence County Community Corrections

  • $266,723 IDOC Adult Program Grant

Shew told the commissioners as the statistics show, all of these programs demonstrate high success rates and the amount of cost savings generated by these programs is significant.

Lawrence County Community Corrections has embraced the culture of the 8 Principal Effective Intervention and implemented evidence-based practices that have been utilized within these successful supervision components.

“Lawrence County Community Corrections saves Lawrence County thousands and thousands of dollars and at the same time, does not cost any money to the county as it is fully supported by grants and user fees,” noted Joe Timbrook board chairperson, in the report. “In conclusion, based on all of this information, the Lawrence County Community Corrections Advisory Board fully supports the work of Community Corrections and highly recommends the continuation of all programs at this time due to the success rates reported from these programs.”