Six-State Trooper Project

FORT WAYNE – Fort Wayne areas Indiana State troopers turned out in full force this past weekend, doing their part to promote the criminal interdiction effort of the Six-State Trooper Project.

The following numbers are just a snapshot of the overall activity achieved in the short three-day period from March 11th- 13th.

  • Traffic Tickets- 342
  • Warnings- 652
  • OWI Arrests- 3             
  • Other Alcohol Arrests- 1
  • Drug Arrests- 37            
  • Criminal Arrests- 10 
  • Guns seized- 1
  • Criminal Investigations – 2

Two separate criminal investigations that developed as a result of good police work during the course otherwise “routine” traffic stops, involved the recovery of (17) stolen catalytic converters which were being transported to a scrap dealer in Detroit Michigan, and a Kendallville area man that was caught red handed with over (40) stolen liquid propane tanks. 

Ohio State Highway Patrol has overall administrative oversight with this project, and in that role, OSHP will be responsible for tabulating and releasing the total project activity for all six participating agencies in the near future.