Trashion /Refashion Show call for entries

BLOOMINGTON – The 2021 Annual Bloomington Trashion/Refashion Show is seeking design entries for its 12th annual show on July 18th.  

Due to COVID restrictions, they will not have an indoor event this year and will follow requirements set by the Monroe County Health Department to provide safety for participants and the audience.  The show will be recorded on video.  

Designers can submit up to a total of 3 designs in the Trashion or Refashion category.  Designs need to consist of at least 90 percent refashioned or discarded materials. 

Stunning piece of contemporary art made out of duct tape.

Trashion designs are produced using waste materials other than fabric.  Past years’ shows included outfits constructed from yoga balls, cat food can lids, videotape, Venetian blinds, and shrink wrap.

Refashion designs give new life to unworn or discarded garments and household textiles – including commemorative t-shirts, graduation gowns, tablecloths, and a Christmas tree skirt.  Designs that were accepted for the 2020 show and have not been shown in a juried show may be resubmitted for 2021.

When life hands you wasted mangoes, make fashion

Founded in 2009 by former Bloomington resident and artist Jeanne Leimkuhler, the Trashion/ Refashion show is a fundraiser for the Center for Sustainable Living.  The show serves and supports self-proclaimed and professional artists and designers, and seeks to change beliefs and behaviors about what role clothing plays in our lives.  A true grassroots event, Trashion/ Refashion celebrates inclusion and diversity in our community with models and designers of all ages and experience levels. Group submissions are encouraged.

More information, FAQs, rehearsal information, and online submission form can be found at

More photos and information can also be found on the Bloomington Trashion Community Facebook page. 

Designers will be notified of their entry status soon after the May 7th deadline.