Locals take advantage of trails and parks during nice weather Thursday

UNDATED – Locals took advantage of the nice temperatures at a breezy 53 degrees Thursday evening using local trails, parks, and other recreational areas to walk, bike, and run.

The local parks at Marshall Township Park & Picnic Area, Springville Community Park, Milwaukee Trail, and Parkview track were all busy with those exercising to improve their health.

Ken Fahr walks the Parkview Track Thursday evening.

Many brought their dogs to enjoy the Spring weather.

The Springville Community Park which was constructed in 2004 has been a favorite among locals in the community.

Ted Johnson of Springville walks his dog Bix. Johnson moved to Springville in 2009.

“I come down to the park four or five times a week,” said Ted Johnson, of Springville who brought along his dog Bix.

The newly formed Marshall Township Park & Picnic was another high traffic area for those walking and running.

Marshall Township Park and picnic area

The State of Indiana transferred the property to the Marshall Township trustee and park board.

“I just love how they have been working so hard down here and making all the improvements to this park. We come down every week, to take advantage of this wonderful park,” said Kristie Strauser, of Avoca.

From Left to Right – Liberty, Lincoln and Kristie Strauser came down to the Marshall Township Park & Picnic Area Thursday evening to enjoy the evening.

Strauser brought her two children Lincoln and Liberty down Thursday evening to take a few laps in the Marshall Township Park & Picnic area.

The Milwaukee Trail that was established in 2013, allows many to walk, and bike for 10 miles to Williams, Indiana.

The City of Bedford continues to find ways to make connectors to the trail so those wanting to use the trail do not trespass on private property.

Milwaukee Trail where walkers and bicyclists can trek 10 miles to Williams, Indiana

The Parkview Track and football field was another place in Lawrence County you could find many out enjoying the beautiful day. Many were shedding their winter coats and enjoying the arrival of Spring.

The three were getting ready to hit the Milwaukee Trail from the parking area located at John Williams Blvd, and Lincoln Avenue.

Indiana is not ranked very well compared to the rest of the country when it comes to health. Indiana ranks high in terms of smoking, and obesity.

Local communities can find solutions to their community’s health issues by providing parks, trails, and recreation areas for area residents to enjoy.