Many trial courts making daily dockets available online

UNDATED – The Indiana Office of Court Technology has created a new online tool for courts to display their daily dockets, allowing the press and public to know what hearings are scheduled on a given day.

This calendar website also integrates with and the remote video hearings platform, making it easier for users to find case information and watch a hearing if it is live-streamed.

Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush

Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush explained, “We are working to provide increased public access to the courts. Having the trial calendars readily available is an important way to provide good customer service to the litigants.”

More than 100 trial courts in more than 30 counties currently utilize the new tool. Hearing information displayed includes the date and time, case number, judicial officer, and a brief description.

Daily schedules for participating courts are available for dates up to seven days in the past and four weeks in the future. Only courts that use Odyssey have the ability to voluntarily opt-in the new service.

Administrative Rule 9(e)(2) requires courts to make their daily calendars available to the public, and the Supreme Court’s order allows them to live-stream proceedings.