Nominate a business for a Be More Award

BLOOMINGTON – The City of Bloomington Volunteer Network is celebrating volunteers and community engagement by recognizing the efforts and impacts of community-minded businesses with this year’s Be More Awards.

The Bloomington Volunteer Network invites you to nominate a business for this award at this link.

The Be More… Connected award honors a business with a local presence in Monroe County in recognition of their dedication to being a community-minded company (Business Engagement). 

Tell us how this business builds and connects to community through: INVESTMENT

Describe how this business contributes its resources to the community. by extensively and strategically applying its resources towards community engagement.

Including – employee volunteering, skills-based service – sharing of employee time and skills, In-kind giving, and leadership.

INTEGRATION: Describe how this business does well by doing good. eg. How a business connects their community engagement to key business functions – how they are being strategic about their community engagement. Including diversity and inclusion, marketing and public relations goals, recruiting, stakeholder relations, employee engagement, and skill development

INSTITUTIONALIZATION: Describe how this business supports community engagement through its own institutional policies, systems, and incentives by creating a culture of community engagement.
Including recognition programs, matching grants, supporting volunteers through employee time off, including community engagement in employee performance reviews, Company leadership support of community engagement

IMPACT: Describe how this business measures the social and business impact of its community engagement programs. What are the measures of their engagement and outreach?

The deadline for submission of nominations is 6 pm on Friday, March 12, 2021. The Be More Awards recipients will be revealed online during National Volunteer Week on April 22, 2021.  

All nominees and MoCoShoutOut volunteers will be recognized throughout April as a local celebration of Global Volunteer Month.

Nominations are accepted online here. If you have questions contact Lucy Schaich at