Lower Salt Creek Project to Improve Water Quality – First Public Meeting March 9th

(BEDFORD) – Do you live, work, farm, or play in the Lower Salt Creek Drainage?

A new project will focus on assessing, protecting, and improving water quality for the Lower Salt Creek area. A virtual session will engage individuals interested in the Lower Salt Creek Drainage and develop a plan for the Lower Salt Creek Drainage.

The virtual program will be presented via Zoom on March 9th from 9 a.m. until noon.

Those participating can share their thoughts, opinions, and concerns on Lower Salt Creek and its tributaries and learn more about the Lower Salt Creek Project.

Visit the project website to join the listening session at this link.

The project is funded through an Indiana Department of Environmental Management section 205j grant received by the Lawrence County SWCD and its partners.

The $96,000 grant will lay the foundation for future, voluntary, on-the-ground conservation implementation efforts.

“The Lower Salt Creek Project is structured to allow community input on what they want to see happen in terms of regional planning to improve water quality within the Lower Salt Creek Drainage,” said Sara Peel, project coordinator. “These efforts will include the initial project launch meeting as well as workshops, field days, cleanup events, educational opportunities, local tours, and more.”

Peel pointed out that more than 20 community agencies and organizations are supporting this effort. These groups include the City of Bedford, City of Bloomington Parks and Utilities, Friends of Lake Monroe, General Motors, Indiana DNR, Indiana University, ISDA, Lawrence County NRCS, Purdue Extension, Lawrence County surveyors office, Monroe County Health Department, Monroe County stormwater, Monroe County NRCS, Monroe County surveyors office, the Bloomington Environmental Commission, and the US Forest Service.

The project is currently in its initial stages of gathering data and information, developing the project steering committee and coordinating gathering of public opinion.

If you are interested in participating in this project, contact the Project Coordinator, Sara Peel at speel@arionconsultants.com.

Additional information about the project’s progress and the upcoming public listening session can be found by clicking here