Bedford Board of Works Approves Safety Measures in Housing Additions

(BEDFORD) – The Board of Works approved stop signs and speed reduction in two of the city’s housing additions Tuesday evening.

Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore recommended speed limit be reduced in the Edgewood addition. The recommendation surfaced because there are no sidewalks in the housing addition and parking is on both sides of the street. This causes a safety concern for the residents who walk in the street of the addition.

Chief Moore recommended reducing the speed limit from 30 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour. The police department will enforce the speed limit in the addition. If this does not address some of the resident’s concerns then other actions may have to addressed by the Board of Works.

The streets with the reduced speed limit include:

  • Central Avenue
  • Edgewood Drive
  • Linwood Drive
  • Eastwood Drive
  • Westwood Drive
  • Southwood Drive
  • Circle Court
  • Circle Drive
  • J Hunter Drive
  • Northwood Drive
  • Woodhill Drive
  • Windwood Drive

Chief Moore also requested stop signs in Broadview North Addition. Currently the addition has three stop signs, two of the stop signs were placed by the developer and one was placed by the city. Chief Moore asked to approve placing additional stop signs at three of the addition’s intersections.

The three intersections include:

  • Morgan Drive at the Oakridge Drive intersection
  • Dogwood Courts at Oakridge Drive intersection
  • Alder Courts at Oakridge Drive intersection

In other business the Board:

  • Rejected the bid for the Riley Pump Station Elimination Project which the City only received one bid at $1.7 million. The project will be rebid at another time.
  • Approved TASC’s safety plan as required by the Indiana Department of Transportation.
  • Approved Jerry Rowland’s request for a minor subdivision on James Avenue. He will be separating the Quick Lube and Car Wash into two lots.
  • Approved an update to the Police Department rules and regulations force policy prohibiting chokeholds.