The City of Bedford Seeks To Amend Burn Ordinance

(BEDFORD) – The City of Bedford seeks to amend the burn ordinance that was last changed back in 2010.

The area of focus was moving the responsibility of approving burn permits from the Planning Department to the Bedford Fire Department.

The second major change in the ordinance was adding residential burn permits for those who own one acre or more. Residents with an acre or more will be allowed to burn brush but must purchase a permit, should the ordinance pass.

The cost for a burn permit will be $100.

A total of eight burn permits were issued last year according to city officials.

Bedford Fire Chief John Hughes also answered many questions and concerns about the new ordinance from city council members.

Finally, the city council members voted to approve the first and second passage of the ordinance. The final passage of the ordinance will not be until the February meeting to allow the public time to weigh in on the ordinance.

The City of Bedford does pick up small amounts of brush, leaves, and limbs within reason. Contractors who perform work for residents and commercial property owners are responsible for the removal of these items when hired.